Aims and Objectives

The aims and objectives of the Llandanwg Sand Dunes Protection Group are to :-

1 Provide a focus for community action.
2 Give first aid to the dunes and assist nature to recover from the ravages brought about by climate change, adverse weather conditions and public access erosion.
3 Use environmentally friendly best practices to encourage re-growth and sand accretion.
4 Provide pro-active management of an ongoing nature to ensure that the remedial work continues.
5 Ensure that any funds made available by interested parties are channelled into the project and put to good use.
6 Provide information about this project to the public and ensure that publicity is given to our aims and objectives.

Actions contemplated
These are some of the specific intended actions:-

1 Publish an information leaflet.
2 Put up signs beside the dunes to make the public aware of the problem and ask for their assistance.
3 Re-profile the dunes with new sand.
4 Erect chestnut paling fencing along the entire frontage of the dunes, both on the seaward side and on the lagoon side, to protect the dunes from public access erosion.
5 Plant Maram grass to colonise the dunes and hold them together with their roots.
6 Hold an information evening and display to keep people informed.
7 Provide publicity material to local papers, and an information board in the car park.
8 Continue to hold a dialogue with interested parties, to meet with their requirements, and solicit funds for our project.
9 Provide rock bastions and/or pebble beds to break waves.
10 Re-profile the breakwater to reduce wave action.
11 If at all possible, replace the derelict groynes on the beach to protect the dunes.
12 Deposit shingle on lagoon side of dunes to dissipate wave action on that side.
13 Continue to maintain the work done and repair any further damage.